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  • <br>Walnuts are High in Protein | Walnuts are a Vegan Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids | Walnuts Contain High Amounts of Fiber
  • <br>Rich in Antioxidants | May Decrease Inflammation
  • <br>May Help Lower Blood Pressure | Supports Healthy Aging | Supports Good Brain Function
  • <br>Walnuts Contain High Amounts of Fiber | Walnuts are High in Phosphorus | Bioavailable Vitamin B6
  • <br>May Decrease Inflammation | Supports Weight Control
  • <br>item_form: Inshell.

Organic kashmiri inshell sweet walnuts 1kg ( no chemical wash)

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹349.00Sale Price
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